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Welcome to My Cooking Box!


This is our mantra: to live and work every day in a convivial atmosphere of family lunches and dinners with friends. We are lovers of fine Italian cuisine, flavor innovators and discerning guests. When faced with new challenges we trust our gut... especially when it comes to trying new recipes in the kitchen!

Our story

The success of a start-up born from the passion of a young Italian woman.

  • 2015


    Chiara gathers together the best Italian recipes in DIY boxes. Her passion for food becomes a business, My Cooking Box.

  • 2017


    The Boxes arrive in the homes of Italians, an enjoyable cooking experience for families to share with each other.

  • 2020


    We have exported our beloved Italian cuisine to over 20 countries. Since then, our German friends have been unable to live without the Calabrian Fileja Box.

  • 2022


    We have finally arrived in Canada and the United States!

The secret ingredient is us!

Our recipe is made up of precious and carefully balanced ingredients: courage, as displayed by Chiara when she decided to start up this business in 2015; dynamism and flexibility, our most precious everyday attributes; quality and precision, important characteristics when selecting the products that make up our Italian meal kits.

And, finally, a dash of madness, so we are able to act as true innovators in the world of meal kits in Italy and abroad.

Team sharing authentic Italian recipes

Our Vision

To bring the quality of Italian cuisine to dining tables all over the world just with a Meal Kit.

Homemade pizza with a meal kit

Our Mission

To guarantee experiences that make people feel good, spoiling their taste buds and soothing their souls with a meal kit of carefully selected Italian ingredients that have been perfectly balanced to create an exclusive, top quality recipe.

italian family style dinner


There's always a good reason to choose a My Cooking Box! What's your choice, write in the comment πŸ‘‡

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Experience a taste of Italy: hearty polenta paired with flavorful mushrooms! πŸ„πŸŒ½ Savor the essence of Italian cuisine in every bite.

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Having a breakday from Internet it's okay, but what if a day without tasty food?! Impossible, isn't it? πŸ€”

Tell us how are you spending this day, but attention, wihout your handys!!! 😏

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Building a foodie-family is our goal. Let us know what's your favourite part of the day 😍

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Yesterday was all about touchdowns, but today is all about My Cooking Box mealkit! 🏈🍫

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Today we want to tell you the LOVE STORY between pasta and pomodoro. You should know that they felt in love at first sight since they met, and from that moment on they became the perfect and symbol of italianity. 

We think this is the perfect way to impress your partner, don't you think?! πŸ’—

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🎢 The song goes like "Love is in the air, in the whisper of the tree. Love is in the air, in the thunder of the sea".🎢
We add "love is when you give our LASAGNA KIT to your partner. πŸ’• Check this out, and taste it! 

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Cooking up a recipe for a day filled with delicious food and warm family embraces. Bon appΓ©tit and hug it out! πŸ²πŸ€— 

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